I have recently achieved my degree in Contemporary Photography and I am based in Stockport and Manchester areas; My photographic practice has a multi-faceted personal approach to the immediate environments I find myself in and the people that occupy them, using the camera as means of investigation.

The stimulus for all my photographic work is the fact the camera-eye can see in ways the naked-eye cannot, it can present a world that is unbeknown to us. It can freeze and show a segment of time to an audience, whilst simultaneously provoke audiences to place it in their own personal time and space.

My print making work was born out of my time on the UAL Foundation course, at Stockport college, during 2012 and 2013. The fascination with print making came from witnessing German expressionist woodcuts, this shook my photographic practice at the time and I quickly started to experiment with various techniques such as wood cut, dry point and etching. This experimentation quickly and organically weaved itself into my photographic work; drawing on the bold and graphic look of the woodcuts I took to hand printing my photographic prints in the darkroom, so that I had more control over the outcome. I learnt to push film to its very edge of sensitivity, whilst using and exploring various chemical soups and times the exposed roll is left in the chemistry to achieve what I wanted.

My print making emulated my photography then, as it does now. The two practices support and feed each other, only now they have become one and the same. I consider my silver gelatine prints from the darkroom to be a form print making and my etchings or woodcuts to be as informative as my photography.

Gorton, Manchester