I am currently studying for a MA in Photography at UCLAN. I am Stockport/Manchester based and my ongoing research and practice tends to revolve around the gentrification of Stockport. Although on this site you will find one project titled Home that does not concern Stockport.

Taking an anthropological and sociological stance, I use the camera to look at the displacement of heritage, the old being usurped by the new, and to what end this effects the local population. My current project is looking at how money being spent in the town centre, appears, to try and cover up the juxtaposition of rife neglect also witnessed in the town centre;  Millions of pounds of tax payers money being spent, rather shared back into the population, where it is, potentially, needed the most.

The camera is a tool to probe and investigate, while being practical as primary research for ongoing research and studies.

As well as Stockport, a keen focus of research is looking at how the camera in the 21st century is used as an Ideological State Apparatus- this done through use of adverts, surveillance, our phones and many other ways to interpellate us.

Gorton, Manchester